Building a family

Building a family

Adoption is a beautiful and rewarding experience. We are here to empower you through the whole journey. Our compassionate staff will guide adoptive parents through the entire adoption process with clear communication, educational training, and support.

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The Adoption Process

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We understand adoption can be a difficult decision and we’re here to support you. Contact us so we can support you and explain your options.

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Make a Plan

Each adoption plan is unique and customized to fit you. We will help you as you make the following decision:

Choosing an open, semi-open, or closed adoption

You can choose if you would like to meet with the adoptive parents before or after your delivery, have little contact, or no contact. Ultimately, you decide how much contact you have with the baby after their birth.


Choosing the Adoptive Family

You have the option to choose the adoptive parents. Each eligible family has completed extensive background checks, home studies, and education. They are eager to raise a child in a loving happy home. Click here to view our waiting families.


Delivery and Medical Care

You are able to receive assistance with medical costs for pregnancy and delivery for you and the baby. We will help you apply for Medicaid or you will receive financial support from the adoptive family. As we develop a birth plan we will help you choose where you would like to give birth and whom you would like to be present during the delivery.



We will work with you to complete all necessary paperwork and documentation to complete the adoption.

Support Through Pregancy

​You will meet with a Loving Heart Adoptions advocate throughout your pregnancy to offer emotional support and guidance. We can connect you with community resources including assistance with prenatal care, food, ID’s and clothing as well as provide transportation to appointments. If needed, we will also help you apply for Medicaid.


​72 hours after the birth of the child, birthparents can sign documents relinquishing their parental rights. We will help and guide you in this process. The relinquishment could occur in the comfort of your home, Loving Heart Adoptions’ office, or another location.

The Adoption Process

Contact Our Team to Get Started 

Speak with one of our caring Social Workers to get started! Together we can discuss adoption goals. 

Getting to Know You

Meet and Greet

After completing the application process and waiting period, you will attend an informal gathering with staff and other prospective adoptive parents. This event typically occurs twice a year in the spring and fall. 


The intake interview with a licensed Social Worker is an opportunity to discuss and document your adoption plan, goals, and placement preferences. During this time, background checks are administered, and a My Adoption Portal (MAP) profile is created.

Attend Adoptive Parenting Preparation Classes

These classes cover the entire adoption process and explain adoption concepts, types of adoption, legalities, and more. A presentation of the “family building partnership” will show how Loving Hearts Adoption Services staff and community partners can support you in your adoption journey. Attendance at each class by each adoptive applicant is required for agency program acceptance. Classes typically occur over three days in the spring and fall. Lunch and snacks are provided.

Home Study

References, medical exams, law enforcement clearances, and other supporting documentation are to be submitted in-person to a Loving Hearts Adoption Services staff member. Individual and joint interviews are conducted during visits to the adoptive family’s home.

Finding a Match

A match is made based on several factors: birthparent(s) preferences along with adoptive parent’s preferences. The birthparent(s) or the agency may determine the adoptive family based on the type of adoption. The adoptive family is provided with a birthparent scenario, which includes family, medical, and social history. The adoptive family then determines if they are comfortable moving forward. This may occur during a birthmother’s pregnancy or after a child is born. 


72 hours after the birth of the child, birthparents can sign documents relinquishing their parental rights. We will help and guide you in this process.


Depending on the adoption plan, the relinquishment could occur in Loving Hearts Adoption Services’ office or the location of the birthparent's choice.

Supervision of Placement

Following the placement of the child, Loving Hearts Adoption Services Social Workers will make weekly visits to the adoptive family’s home for the first month and monthly visits for the following 6 months to three years. Social Workers check on the family to offer support and guidance and check on the wellbeing of the child.


What does it cost to adopt with Loving Hearts Adoption Services?

As hopeful parents work toward an adoption plan with one of our social workers, they can further discuss the associated fees toward application, home study, placement, and post-placement support. 


At Loving Hearts, our sliding scale has provided families with the opportunity to adopt. Additional resources for financial assistance such as the Adoption Tax Credit may also be available.


Agency fees are non-refundable and due at the time of service, however, additional fees could incur related to medical bills, birthparent assistance, out-of-state facilitator, and/or legal fees.

Financial Assistance

There are a variety of resources available to help assist with the cost of adoption. 


Help us Adopt
Gift of Adoption Fund
Show Hope
Parenthood for Me
Lifesong for Orphans
Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys
Katelyn’s Fund


Adoption Tax Credit

Military Adoption Reimbursement

Employer Support
Check with your employer to see if they provide financial assistance to employees seeking to adopt.






Frequently Asked Questions

Does the birthparent choose the adoptive family?

Depending on the chosen adoption plan, birth families have the option to choose the adoptive family. Their decision is made based on personal preferences and viewing Adoption Family Profiles.

Do adoptive families choose the birth parents?

Depending on the chosen adoption plan, placements are made based on the preferences of both birth and adoptive families.

How much does adoptions cost with Loving Hearts Adoption Services?

Total costs range from $15,560.00 to $27,650.00. This will be discussed and finalized as the adoption plan is created. Agency fees are non-refundable and due at the time of service. Additional fees could incur related to medical bills, birthparent assistance, an out-of-state facilitator, and/or legal fees.

What is included in the cost of adoption?

Adoption costs include application fees, home study, classes, as well as expenses related to the birthparent(s). Detailed information regarding the adoption costs will be discussed with Loving Hearts Adoption Services staff when you begin the adoption process.

Can an adoption plan be made with parties in a state other than Nevada?

Yes, interstate adoption plans are common and can be facilitated by Loving Hearts Adoption Services. We will ensure compliance with the laws of each state involved.

Can adoptive parents be present for the birth?

Depending on the preference of the birth family, adoptive parents may be present for the birth.

How long do we have to wait before we are matched?

Depending on circumstances, the average wait for a placement is 18-36 months.

What if the birthmother decides to parent the child after we have matched?

If the birthparent decides to parent the child, they may take the baby home from the hospital or have the child returned to her/him from temporary care. Keep in mind: placement/post-placement fees are not collected until time of placement. Adoptive families are encouraged to continue the adoption process with Loving Hearts Adoption Services. They will not have to repay initial adoption costs related to interviews, classes, and home study and can continue waiting for placement. Additionally, Loving Hearts Adoption Services staff will be available to offer support and council throughout this entire process.

Does the adoption agency have to be involved in my adoption?

Yes, in Nevada an adoption agency is required to facilitate all non-relative adoptions.

How is the birthfather involved in the adoption process?

If the birthfather is known and can be located, his rights are equal to that of the birthmother. He must be a party to the adoption plan. The termination of parental rights will be sought through legal means if the birthfather is known or unknown. All non-relative adoptions must have the parental rights of the birthmother, birthfather, and any legal father (birthmother’s husband) relinquished voluntarily or terminated involuntarily through court.

Who chooses the name of the baby?

Although, birth parents have the right to name the child, adoptive families have the option to rename the child.

Elizabeth & Michael, Adoptive Parents

“Our family would not be complete without the loving staff of Loving Hearts Adoption Services. Our Social Worker treated us and our daughter's birthmother with the utmost respect and care. We continue to exchange updates and photographs through the agency.”


Loving Stories


Adoptive Parent

“The parenting classes really are helpful. It's not just a hoop to jump in the home study process. The topics discussed are true to the life of parenting adopted kids." 

Ryan & Heather, Adoptive Parents

“We chose Loving Hearts Adoption Services because we were confident they could guide us through the complex adoption process.We would have not made it through the wait time without the connections we made in the parenting classes and compassion from agency staff. 


Thank you Loving Hearts Adoption Services for helping complete our family.”

We are proud to be a certified Knee to Knee
Post Placement Care Agency!

Knee to Knee is a post placement care network by the Lifetime Healing Foundation dedicated to not only educating adoption professionals on the importance of lifetime resources and support for women that make the decision to place their child(ren) for adoption, but also to provide concrete tools to help them be successful when providing these services.

Through an established and tested national training we hope to bring a vital and mission piece of ethical adoption to the forefront and create a new standard in post-placement care.

Learn more about this curriculum program here.