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Connect with your birth family

At the age of 18, individuals adopted through Loving Hearts Adoption Services or Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Adoption Services have the opportunity to learn about their family history. We can help you in this process by providing non-identifying information and emotional support.

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Contact Our Team to Get Started

Speak with a compassionate Social Worker to begin the process of locating non-identifying information about your birth family, receive counseling and support, or discuss facilitating a reunion with your birth family. We can be reached by:

Non-Identifying Search Requests

Contact us for non-identifying information about the genetic, social, and medical history of your birth family. The adoptee can also fill out an application for the Nevada Adoption Reunion Registry through the Nevada Department of Health & Human Services Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS). This entire service is offered at no charge.

Counseling and Support

Loving Hearts Adoption Services staff and Social Workers are available to provide children and adult adoptees with counseling and support. We can help adoptees process many important questions such as identity formation, birth family contact, and what it means to be an adoptee.

Birth Family Reunions

If a birth family and adoptee request a reunion, a Loving Hearts Adoption Services Social Worker can help facilitate the reunion meeting. Our staff can provide guidance with setting boundaries, asking appropriate questions, and help to guide the conversation.

The Process

Frequently Asked Questions



“There is no doubt in my mind that my biological mother wanted only what was best for me and made the right choice…I have spoken to Loving Hearts Adoption Services several times since I have turned 18. Each and every time they provided me with total support, understanding, and guidance. The entire staff was welcoming and treated me like part of their family.”

Rebecca, Adoptee

“My biological mother made the difficult decision to secure my future with a family that was established. Best decision ever because my family is full of the most loving and supportive people. 

I have not been able to make a connection with my biological family but the information I obtained tells my story and gives me a sense of who I am, where my ancestors came from and what my biological parents looked like.”



“When I was just a baby, I was placed for adoption. I was placed into a family with a very loving mother and father. I am proud to be an adopted child.”



“It's amazing; I went from a no-nameed nobody to being a Daughter of the American Revolution 4x over as well as a descendant of the founding families of Colonial America…More important, with Loving Hearts Adoption Services’ help, I was able to find and communicate with my three siblings listed on my Birth Certificate, as well as my Birthmother’s sister…I could not have moved forward in my search without their help; they helped me to unlock the gates. And for that…I will forever be grateful. Thank you for giving me my identity”



Loving Stories

Knee to Knee SEAL 2022.png
We are proud to be a certified Knee to Knee
Post Placement Care Agency!

Knee to Knee is a post placement care network by the Lifetime Healing Foundation dedicated to not only educating adoption professionals on the importance of lifetime resources and support for women that make the decision to place their child(ren) for adoption, but also to provide concrete tools to help them be successful when providing these services.

Through an established and tested national training we hope to bring a vital and mission piece of ethical adoption to the forefront and create a new standard in post-placement care.

Learn more about this curriculum program here.

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