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Loving Hearts Adoption Services is dedicated to preserving the gift of life for all of God’s Children. With compassion, clear communication, and integrity, we support all members of the adoption triad, empowering birth families, adoptive parents, and adoptees through the lifelong journey of adoption. 

adoptive family with new baby


Loving Hearts

Adoption Services

Loving Hearts Adoption Services is an accredited adoption agency and 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that provides lifetime support to birthparents, adoptive families, and adoptees before and after placement. Through compassion, clear communication, ethical practices, and support from licensed Social Workers and staff, we are dedicated to helping you create the best adoption plan possible.

Pregnant and Considering Adoption

Making an adoption plan is a very courageous and selfless parenting choice, and our compassionate staff is available to help you create a customized plan.


Our Birth Mother Services

We can connect you with community resources, including assistance with housing, prenatal care, food (Food Pantry, WIC and SNAP), clothing, Medicaid applications, and transportation. We not only serve our birthparents but their extended family as well. 

Our Waiting Families

Depending on the adoption plan you choose, you have the option to select the adoptive parent(s). Each eligible family has completed extensive background checks, home studies, and parenting education. They are looking forward to raising a child in a loving and safe home.

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Loving Stories

Desiree & Doug,

Adoptive Parents

"Our boys have brought so much joy, love, and happiness to our family. Thank you for your loving and caring support, Loving Hearts. Becoming a family of four is a blessing that we could have never imagined happening to us."

Briana, Birthmother

"Working with Loving Hearts was such an amazing and rewarding experience. Making the decision to go through with an adoption is very scary ... but with them you get the support you need during and even after the adoption. This is a very personal decision and to have someone not only support you but also support your child helps. They are amazing and helpful in the process."

Rebecca, Adoptee

“The best gift you can give

to a couple that wants nothing more than to raise a family

is the gift of life, and I am so grateful for the life that was

given to me.”

Knee to Knee Post Placement Agency
We are proud to be a certified Knee to Knee
Post Placement Care Agency!

Knee to Knee is a post placement care network created by the Lifetime Healing Foundation dedicated to not only educating adoption professionals on the importance of lifetime resources and support for women that make the decision to place their child(ren) for adoption, but also to provide concrete tools to help them be successful when providing these services.

Through an established and tested national training we hope to bring a vital and mission piece of ethical adoption to the forefront and create a new standard in post-placement care.​

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